By launching our chapter of the American Culinary Federation (Cape and Islands Chefs Association), we hope to address the key challenges of the food service industry. The Cape and Islands Chefs Association was, for many years, one of the strongest associations in New England. We are excited to invite you to join us in restoring its prestige. We believe that chefs in all types of establishments—from country clubs to healthcare facilities to family-owned restaurants—have the potential to spur meaningful collective action.

Our main goals are to develop a chapter that provides relevant resources and logistical support for chefs and chef partners who work on the Cape and Islands.  Most importantly, the chapter will offer a sense of community that will inspire professionalism and camaraderie for chefs in our area. We hope to improve the quality of work and personal life for all members of the ACF Cape and Islands Chefs Association.

As a network, we not only possess robust numbers—we also possess a wealth of experience and knowledge. Thus far, the education and assets that we are able to share have gone untapped. I look forward to coming together to draw upon each other’s success and discover new opportunities for improvement.